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Our Mission

To use technology to help businesses improve the way they work.

Our Vision

To give you more time to spend on what matters most.

about us What do we do?

RooksDM is a technology consulting firm committed to increasing efficiency, optimizing costs, and facilitating scalability for businesses in the professional services industries.

As Microsoft Partners and Microsoft Power Platform experts, we provide strategic advising, solutions, and support by automating processes, customizing technology, facilitating migrations from legacy systems, and integrating applications using advanced API techniques.

Our Story How We Got Started

Daleele and Levbert first crossed paths in 2013 at a Fidelity Investments training program. Daleele was on track to becoming an expert systems analyst, while Levbert dug deeper into software engineering. Their passion for technology and Daleele’s insider knowledge of the local area led them to become great friends.  

In 2014, Daleele and Levbert began working together on building custom websites for family and friends. This marked the beginning of Rooks Digital Marketing.  As their business grew, so did their service offerings.  While they started in digital marketing, their passion and expertise in technology led them into deep, meaningful conversations with business owners. The team quickly realized that they really enjoyed helping people find the right technology solutions, not just digital marketing.

This was the turning point where Rooks Digital Marketing became RooksDM. 

In the Amharic language, the word Rooks means “to go far”, which was always the mission of the organization.  As first-generation Americans from Ethiopia and Haiti, Daleele and Levbert have always cherished their roots. They were raised to help others where they can and have always strived to make a difference moving forward.

Our Values

Helping People Help Others
Building Meaningful Relationships
Knowledge Sharing
Giving People Ownership Over Their Time
Asking The Right Questions
Kindness and Empathy

Leadership Team Guiding You Forward

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Daleele Alison


I lead a team that works with clients to identify, develop, and implement technology solutions that expedite growth by saving time and becoming more efficient. 

Because of my diverse experience, I can communicate with tech teams and CEOs alike. You’ll never have to leave a conversation scratching your head and trying to translate tech-babble to determine exactly what it is that my team is doing for you.

I thrive when I’m learning something new. I love to travel and get out of my comfort zone, meet new people and broaden my perspectives, explore my city and connect locally, and keep pushing my limits to master new skills.

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Levbert Leger


On a daily basis, I use my creative, tech, and analytical skills to lead the team that helps your project come to life.  At RooksDM, we translate all the technical jargon into a language we can both easily share.

A software engineer and network administrator by trade, I’m a computer science graduate who loves to connect people to technology. I stay active with groups that provide tech classes, homework help, and mentoring for high-risk youth. And I push myself to step past my fears and take on new challenges.

But tech and humor? – Oh, I’m definitely in. Outside of work, you’ll most often find me tinkering with gadgets or sitting with friends while we catch our breath from a serious round of laughs.

Want to learn more

Drop us a note and a member of our team will reach out to you to chat about your project!