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Save attachments automatically

instantly make your life easier

It can take hours to collect and save documents. With our automation, you can save attachments to the correct location automatically.

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know where everything is saved


Cut down admin work.

Create automations that save documents automatically, no human required.


Reduce human error.

No more scrounging around your drives or folders looking for a document. The files go to the correct spot, every time.


Scaleable for growth.

With this solution, new criteria or documents can be added to the flow easily – no IT expertise needed.

How does it work? Let us show you!


Route documents to the correct folder



Create standardization by renaming the file



Alert your team when all documents are received


route and rename attachments 

No longer wonder if that document is saved and where it’s located. Automatically route to exact folders or locations in your CRM.  You can even rename the files so it’s simple to find things in the future. 

RooksDM - Esign documents (3)
RooksDM - Esign documents (5)

level up internal processes

Do you have freelancers submitting receipts each month? Set up an email like and have all receipts sent there. 

Based on who sends the email, have the receipt uploaded to the correct location in your drive or database for safekeeping or reference.

simple to edit 

Want things to go to a different folder? You don’t need to contact IT. With this solution, most staff members can change or update these preferences easily themselves.
RooksDM - Esign documents

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Case Study

automatically save and organize contractor receipts

Law Firm
9 employees
  • Mapped out workflow
  • Created shared email address
  • Contractors email receipts
  • Receipts saved into their folder

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A great experience
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AT Law Group
Everything got so
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South Bay Financial Partners
RooksDM was excellent at helping streamline our systems!

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