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Data entry services that
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Streamline the way you collect information

Have you ever started working on a client file just to realize you don’t have all the information or someone forgot to submit something? If so, this solution is for you! Eliminate human error & unnecessary follow-up with our Data Validation Solution.

Starting at $5,000

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Structured data collection makes your life easier


Reduce human error

Do your clients forget to send you all the information you requested? Lean on technology to decrease the potential for human error.


Decrease Costs

The time it takes for staff to find documents or missing information adds up! Eliminate follow-up by streamlining the data collection process.


Increase Efficiency

Skip the back & forth emails & phone calls. Get clients started and finished faster with all the information you need, when you need it.

Understand how structured data collection works


Instant data validation to ensure accurate information

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Automatically save and organize data and attachments

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Create workflows to never
drop the ball again

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How are structured data + Documents collected?

Streamline the document collection process by naming all incoming files appropriately.

Route the documents to the right location. Whether it’s SharePoint, Teams, or another location – no more need to download and save manually.
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Keep your data clean and accurate

At times you ask for things that sound simple, but humans make mistakes.

Create validation rules, for example, the “date of accident” cannot be after the “first date of treatment.”

Real-time validation saves time and eliminates unnecessary follow-up or back and forth.

Never drop a hand-off again

Create automations with your data that make life easier. For example, when a sale is completed, employees will fill out an internal form with the info from the sale.

This data can be routed into your CRM and kick-off automation workflows, alerting those who need to know what their next steps are.

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Case Study

Dynamic form reduces human errors

Law Firm
13 employees
  • Streamlined intake process
  • Used data validation on needed fields
  • Integrated form with CRM
  • Reduced manual data entry

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AT Law Group
Everything got so
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South Bay Financial Partners
RooksDM was excellent at helping streamline our systems!

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