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The Power of Microsoft’s Power Platform 

With Microsoft Power Platform, your dreams can become a reality. Learn ways your business can implement advanced tech solutions using Microsoft tools.

The Power of Microsoft's Power Platform

Why use Microsoft Power Platform?


Tech that is easy

Implement complex solutions without needing a full dev team. Gone are the days of needing to be a Fortune 500 company to get the latest in tech.


tech that is affordable

Microsoft has created a suite of advanced tech tools without breaking the bank. Scale your Power Platform usage as you grow, so you’ll only pay for what you need.


Tech built to be integrated

Because these tools are created by Microsoft, they easily connect with other Microsoft tools like Teams and SharePoint.


Pricing: $4,250

Power Automate

Easily build simple to complex workflows, to streamline repetitive tasks. Learn best practices and product features.

Power Apps

Learn how to build and maintain low code apps. Understand capabilities and integration with other power platform tools.

Power BI

Learn how to aggregate and visualize your data. Learn how to build secure and personalized dashboards.

Power Virtual Agents

Learn how to create conversational bots and integrate them into your existing processes.

See all data in one place

See all your data in ONE location using Power BI. If you have ever exported a file to compare it to another… you need this tool. 

With this tool, you can aggregate your data in a one-stop shop report making it easier to see trends and make data-driven decisions. 

see all your business data in one place
Seamless onboarding with microsoft power automate

seamless Onboarding 

Imagine how much faster onboarding would be without all the back and forth. Use Power Automate to lighten your load and drastically overhaul your onboarding

With this tool, you can automatically extract files from emails and save them right into a client’s folder. You can even create a rule to rename the file AND send you a notification when all tasks are completed.


Creating an app just A LOT easier with Microsoft’s Power Apps

Build highly functional apps quickly and easily using Power Apps. Streamlining processes and interactions help increase efficiency and decrease costs.

Power Apps are also easy to host and maintain.

Create custom power apps using microsoft power apps
Use bots internally with Microsoft power virtual agents

Use bots internally 

You’ve probably seen chat bots on websites, but have you seen them used internally?

Power Virtual Agents is not just a bot to upload scripted responses to questions. Since this tool is a Microsoft product, it can be integrated into your Office 365 Suite.

Meaning you can use the chat to send emails, create automations, schedule tasks, and so much more. 

How can we help you and your business?

Case Study

Automating Legal Document Intake 

Law Firm
40+ employees
  • Mapped out intake
  • AI saved files to SharePoint
  • AI renamed attachments 
  • AI extracted data from PDFs
  • Added data to Excel + CRM

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