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Technology Services for your Healthcare Practice

Want to make your intake process easier?

We have worked with a number of healthcare providers to fine tune all processes — including new patient intake. Our goal is to make sure patients have a smooth experience from start to finish and staff members are effectively using technology to make their work lives easier. By using simple automations and integrations, you can save everyone from unnecessary headaches and manual processes.

What do we look at? Great question! We want to deeply understand how your practice works, so we ask a number of questions about your processes to uncover if there are ways to do it better.

What we look at:

Patient Onboarding + Intake:

  • How do new patients reach out to you?
  • How do you verify and communicate insurance benefits?
  • How do you collect new patient information?
  • How do you collect medical documents from another practice?

Patient Management:

  • How do you schedule appointments?
  • How do you send reminders to your patients?
  • How does your team communicate internally about patients?

Patient Offboarding:

  • How to close out a patient’s file?
  • How to finalize open claims?
  • How to send medical documents to another practice?

Want to know the best part? Since we work with a number of healthcare practices, we understand the intricacies of HIPPA compliance as it relates to technology and the regulations that need to be followed.

Our Solution

The questions above are just the start of our deep-dive tech assessment. This is a comprehensive review of your current processes and technologies along with personalized recommendations specific to your business and your budget.

We know your technology

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Ready to make life easier? 

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